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History of the Book of Exodus

Exodus the second book out of five of the Pentateuch (written by Moses), begins with the word "Now" to show that it is a continuation of Genesis. Moses authored this book of forty chapters sometime during his wilderness journey between 1445 B.C. and 1405 B.C. The book of Exodus covers from the arrival of Jacob in Egypt to 431 years later in the wilderness. This book records the details of Israel becoming a nation and being set free from the Egyptians under the leadership of Pharoah.

After the last plague, Pharoah released Israel from their bondage as slaves. As they escaped from Egypt, Pharoah changed his mind again and pursued them with his army. Moses raised his arms to God and God parted the Red Sea allowing the Israelites to cross-over on dry land. Time after time, God performs miracle after miracle in this great book of Exodus. In Chapter 31, the first two tablets of the Ten Commandments are spoken of. After Moses in his anger towards the idol worshipping of the Israelites breaks the tablets, the Lord writes on the second two in Chapter 34. In this book God directs in detail, the construction of the tabernacle that takes place. At the close of this book, Moses and the Israelites were still being led through the wilderness by the cloud and fire of the Lord with the tabernacle.

This Book holds some amazing stories. To navigate through our online Bible book, click a chapter number in the table to the upper-left or simply click the "next chapter" link below. May God bless you as you draw close to Him reading His Word.

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